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Hardware team

Nexite is a leading startup, which comes to revolutionize the IoT for fashion retail space. We develop a platform that merges the physical and digital spaces for retail. Our innovative platform is based on cutting edge battery-less BLE tags that communicate with a cloud platform through an in-store wireless access network.


We are looking for a HW Automation Engineer to join the HW team, with new and exciting challenges at different domains such as RF, Analog and Digital. Various challenges in multidisciplinary domains, developing new technologies in a non-standard format.



  • Automation engineer that will lead all production automatic test activities.
  • Design, build and program automatic test stations for various multidisciplinary products in the RF, Analog and digital domain.
  • Design new concepts for high volume/low cost products where time/cost is the main drive.

What we are looking for?

  • At least 5 years of HW and RF automatic test station development – board design and automatic stations code writing.
  • Experience working with various test equipment – Spectrum analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, programmable power supplies ect.
  • Experience working with various communication protocols – SPI, UART, Ethernet, ect.
  • Experience working with wireless communication chipsets such as Bluetooth, Wifi etc.
  • Experience managing sub-contractors for design and production.

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