R&D NPI engineer,
Hardware team

Nexite is developing a connectivity platform, enabling to engage with physical items as if they were digital, empowering retail to become data-driven, frictionless and personalized. Nexite's miniature IoT tag can be read by any smartphone, costs a fraction of the cost of similar tags, and is small enough to embed into the item. Using just one tag, Nexite's platform provides item tracking and inventory transparency from manufacturing to the customer’s closet, up-to-the-minute live in-store inventory & fitting rooms analytics, secure “Just Go” self-checkout, personalized in-store IoT experience and post-sale tools with a Smart Closet at the customer’s home. NPI engineer that will join the HW team, with new and exciting challenges at different domains such as RF, Analog and Digital.


  • 3 years of HW development, writing technical specification documents, test procedures and automation.
  • Experience establishing and supporting production lines.
  • Experience writing all engineering documents, technical and logistical.
  • Experience establishing product trees, BOMs, ECOs etc.
  • Experience working with RF test equipment.
  • Experience managing sub-contractors for production.
  • Independent, multitasking and open minded that can learn new areas of expertise.
  • Highly skilled team player, knows his/her way around the lab for HW testing and verification.

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