the Connected merchandise platform
Meet the platform that transforms your physical merchandise into smart, digital communicators, uniting online and in-store channels, wherever your customers are.
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the Connected merchandise platform the Connected merchandise platform

How it all connects

The Connected Merchandise Platform routes real-time data automatically flowing in from every product through fixed readers, and processes it in the cloud to reveal an entire world of insights and digital solutions.

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Small Package

Huge breakthrough

Meet NanoBT. The first ever long-range communication technology that runs completely battery-free, turning retail fantasy into reality: A continuous stream of real-time data flowing from your merchandise itself. Small enough to stitch into anything. Inexpensive enough to put inside everything. No more scanning, no more guessing, no more manual anything. Period. NanoBT changes everything.

Low Cost
Readable by   Any Smartphone
Long Range
Anti-theft Security

Connected Throughout the Value Chain

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Connected Stores

Bring your stores to life with products that run inventory for you, ping you when the shelves they’re on need a refill, and tell you exactly how customers behave across all your stores.

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Connected channels

Stitch together digital and physical channels to deliver secure, contactless experiences that make shopping so effortless it will feel like magic.

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Bring Magical Retail Home
Just imagine the magical experiences you can give your customers when all your merchandise is connected. Give tailored product recommendations based on what’s in shoppers’ closets. Offer wardrobe assistants that help customers complete the perfect outfit. Send custom alerts that tell shoppers when complementary items are in stock. With Connected Merchandise, it’s not just about the clothes. It’s about creating brand new ways to enrich your customers' lives and to deepen your relationship with them.
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