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Faster service, hyper-efficient processes and more personalized experiences than you ever thought possible. This is the power of Connected Merchandise.
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Retail has a new trick up its sleeve

With Connected Merchandise, everything gets way, way smarter. Products automatically tell you exactly where they are at every moment, giving you continuous inventory for all warehouses, shipments, and stores. Those size 34 jeans notify you when they’ve run out on the shelf, and show you where to find more. And you see exactly which products shoppers try, which they leave behind, and why. Now your traditional retail stores finally have the killer functionality of e-commerce.

Live Merchandise

Nothing slips through the racks. With Live Merchandise, products automatically tell you where they are, in real-time. So when customers ask, you’ll know exactly where products are available, and when online orders come in, you’ll ship them from the right place.

Live Shelves

Never leave customers hanging. Get instant alerts when shelves are feeling light, so you can restock on time, every time. Always know where products are in-store, so you never need to search for that “same size but in white”, or find a display gone wild ever again.

Live Customer Journey

No more guessing. Know exactly how customers are shopping right now. See which products catch their eye, which they choose to try, and which shelves they engage with most. Then optimize everything from product positioning to merchandising, so each shopping experience is perfectly tailored to your shoppers.

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Powered by the Connected Merchandise Platform

Discover the breakthrough Connected Merchandise Platform that makes all the magic happen. From the barely-there NanoBT chip to the always everywhere Nexite Cloud, explore all the innovation powering the connected merchandise revolution.
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Easily combine bricks and clicks to create the perfect experience for every customer no matter how they like to shop.
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