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Live Merchandise
Imagine having a continuous stream of real-time data automatically flowing in from all your products. Some call it impossible. We call it Connected Merchandise.
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the connected Merchandise Platform

Connected Stores

Picture your products telling you where they are. Items alerting you when their shelf goes empty. Merchandise showing you how customers interact with them. At every moment. Automatically. And in real time.

Live Merchandise

No product left behind. Follow every piece of merchandise from factory floor to showroom floor without ever picking up a scanner, so you'll know exactly what you have, and where it is. Always.

live merchandise

Reach total shelf awareness. Get notified the moment a shelf goes empty, and know exactly where to find more stock, so customers always find what they want the moment they want it.

live shelves

Always be trending. Know what customers are trying, which items sell well together, and which shelves grab the most attention. So you place the products shoppers love in the places they love to shop.

live customer journey
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Connected Channels

Blend physical and digital channels to deliver the first truly omni-channel experience that drives down costs while rocking your customers’ world.

Buy & Go

Shop outside the lines. For the first time - smooth, secure, contactless, mobile self-checkout. No lines. No kiosks. No shrinkage. Shoppers just find what they want and take it right home.

buy & go

The best of online, now in-store. With quick, contactless and secure pickups, customers order online, go to the nearest store, disarm the alarm with their phone and grab their order. And everything is automatically verified, so it’s as easy for stores as it is for shoppers.

pick & go

Less annoying for them. Less costly for you. With Nexite, items automatically verify who bought them, so customers simply drop their stuff off and the alarm rearms itself. No humans necessary.

ship & go

Shops, meet shipping. Turn your stores into fulfillment hubs, so orders automatically ship from the closest location with the relevant inventory. Faster deliveries. Lower costs. Happier customers.

return & go
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Huge breakthrough

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Meet NanoBT. The first ever long-range communication technology that runs completely battery-free, turning retail fantasy into reality: A continuous stream of data flowing from your merchandise itself, automatically and in real-time. Small enough to stitch into anything. Inexpensive enough to put inside everything. No more scanning, no more guessing, no more manual anything. Period. NanoBT changes everything.
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